This land that we train on, we eat from and we learn from is an all encompassing platform to share with our community to improve health and vitality.

This farm has been in production since 1946 by Noel Day and his wife Audrey. This piece of paradise has had many years of love, laughter, tears and success.

In October 2016 we became the farm managers and have initiated the beginning  of The Farm Gym.

The Farm gym has grown from the concept of incorporating our love for farming and our love for movement.

Together they offer a harmonious connection that is ideal for any individual that has the drive and motivation to endure and challenge themselves.

Our vision is to inspire, connect and create a community where we share and learn the many wholesome qualities of life.

For many generations our families have farmed the lands here on the sunshine coast, including ginger, passion fruit, seasonal vegetables, fish farming and more recently duck farming. We have learnt and loved this way of life.

In October last year we made the move back here to the Sunshine Coast. We spent 7 years in Western Australia  where we trained, learnt and grew towards our goal of opening The Farm Gym.

Together we have over 10 years experience in functional strength training and martial arts. This has given us a great base of diverse training techniques with a unique and forward way of thinking to evolve and enhance indidviduals current physical and mental state.

Luke (Head Coach / Farm Manager)

My passion for life is deeply seeded in our natural environment and how the world around us constantly tests us to remain strong, fit and healthy. Being naturally inquisitive about how we as humans fit into the environment around us has lead me down a path of constant adventures like, working on the American Survivor series as a builder and traveling throughout Central America and the Pacific islands, living with different cultures for months at a time, driving a tank on a movie set, undertaking theMill gyms 36hr cadre camp (no food or sleep for 36 hrs while constantly being tested physically and mentally), marrying my best mate and heroine Acacia and together bringing a beautiful little girl into the world. Being present and experiencing life's lessons keeps me hungry to push myself harder each day to be better than yesterday.

"My Philosophy in life is to never lose your inner child”, the voice that speaks inside with awe and wonder for the world around it. The voice that we tend to quieten as “adults” as suggestions like “lets do handstands while waiting for our coffee” somehow don't seem like a good idea as an “adult”. This is the inner voice that I love and cherish, just like i love practicing handstands while waiting for a coffee. This innocent, honest and childlike voice is the voice of expression and freedom. We are all unique and epic, so why not go along for the ride and see whats possible.

This journey to become my best self excites me sooooo much! So much so that i didn't want to do it on my own, I wanted to go down this path with a community of likeminded individuals. A tribe of epic humans who want the best and who share the enthusiasm and drive to push beyond the uncomfortable to discover the ultimate being that is in all of us. This Farmily at The Farm Gym is like nothing I've ever experienced before, it’s more than just a community. There is a power in the energy that comes out these sessions that is changing the world. Imagine being surrounded by people chasing their best everyday!! The Farm Gym is a dream come true for me, and I am so honoured to share it with phenomenal people daily.


Acacia (Gym Manager / Coach)

As a very active individual from such a young age I was determined to always push my boundaries and experience a level of satisfaction you can only get from hard work.

For six years I trained Martial Arts and here I learnt  the connection of the mind and body, awareness of my movements and discipline. This empowered me through many sporting goals and fitness results.

I was introduced to functional strength training about 5 years ago and knew that this form of training and the community was going to play a big role in my life. 

 After 8 years in Perth with Leadership/management roles I became very passionate in training and developing individuals for long term growth. 

Now as a Mum, Gym Manager and qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach I'm excited to share with other's what we truly believe in.

"This is what it's all about - Building a community together, with such purpose and vision. It’s a passion of ours that has finally come to fruition and we are now living it and breathing with other people who love this concept just as much as we do"