The Cultivation Packages.

DO you want The Real Farm Gym Experience?

Your community will be presented with opportunities to create stronger bonds, build resilience and achieve success against adversity. 

Like WOW, the team at The Farm Gym treated us like gold. I brought a group of 23 or so people to try something different and couldn’t be happier with the results. Teamwork, communication, encouragement and people achieving feats they didn’t think possible. Luke and Acacia welcomed everyone immediately and kept us all safe and informed the whole way through. They planned and constructed all kinds of obstacles and challenges for us, taxing multiple body systems and mental stamina as well . Their team kept everyone pushing and believing in themselves which made for an awesome experience and one heck of a workout! If you own a business and want to bring your team together bring ‘em in, you won’t be disappointed.

-The Cultivation Package 2.0 : 

2 Hours - Collaborate as a team and work together to learn more about the leader within and the team surrounding you.  The Farm Gym Experience will see you get comfortably un-comfortable while building character, grit, leadership and communication skills as you get your hands dirty and work up a sweat facing new obstacles alongside your team.

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The Cultivation Package 4.0:   

This powerful experience will take you and your crew to the next level.  

Learn, collaborate, build and grow as individuals and as a community. Push barriers aside and really get deep in the unknown together.

Then come together to enjoy a gathering and reflecting as a tribe with scrumptious food.

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If you want to take your team to the next level, we can create a deep and powerful experience that truly honours your community. Build deeper bonds and connections between one another and see how far you really can go together.

We can create custom packages between 2-4 hours, including catering. Email us to book a consultation.

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Let us do it all for you. Customised packages for small or large groups. Let your team relish in a weekend away in nature. Experience strong and powerful team building activities, creativity, good food, good mindset and movement. Send an email to book your consultation.

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We are booking up quickly for 2019, if you would like to run an event for your gym, group or team please Contact us and request a Pricing Package:

The Farm Gym is not just a farm and is much more than a gym. This is a place of self and group development and human empowerment. The time we have shared with Luke, Acacia and the Farm Gym team have been so powerful for activating belief in our Ignite Health & Performance members that they can overcome any obstacle in their path, whether it be physical or mental barriers. Our tribe returned from each visit, full of energy and drive to push harder in the gym and in their own personal life. I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to experience this amazing place of wellness, to reach out to the friendly team who will make it a memorable one.