The Farm Gym's natural training environment allows you to connect more deeply with the systems of your mind and body, allowing for faster, more expansive change. 


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At The Farm Gym our training system enables you to continuously evolve and increase your everyday capabilities. Our purpose is to strengthen your mental fortitude through measured exposure to physical adversity. In finding comfort in the uncomfortable, we can help you push through any barriers you may have (physically or mentally) and help you craft a highly capable, fit, strong and resilient body and mind.  Once the mind can do the body will always follow.

Our Gym is equiped with the tools needed to get the job done, and will have you training in a way that closely replicates general life tasks. We use olympic bars and plates, our challenge course, Kettle bells, logs, air bikes and rowers, stones, sleds, juggling balls, balance beams, tractors and the whole farm to ensure your training experience is constantly varied, exciting and effective. 

All of the coaching team are qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches and train the same programs they coach. We take the opportunity to lead from the front and love what we do. 



Our garden plot sees our Farmily Cultivate, Nurture and Harvest all the produce we grow. This way we get to take a little piece of the experience home with us everyday to share the wholesome organic experience with the whole family.  Come and be inspired on your wellness journey and reap the benefits of growing organic fresh produce and share in the joys of harvesting something you've helped raise from  seedling. Natures freshest right at your finger tips. 


"The Food you eat

is only as healthy

as the soil it's

grown in."

It’s one of the coolest concepts we’ve come across in a while and we’re hoping this incredible exercise revolution catches on, not only on the Sunshine Coast but also across the nation.

You see at The Farm Gym, it’s not just about pumping iron and busting out a few burpees; it’s about a holistic lifestyle approach.
— Caity Stone, Urban List Sunshine Coast