Robert Kalandyk - Flaxton


In the short time I have been at the farm gym, I have experienced changes in my life that I couldn’t have dreamed of. I wasn’t fit or confident when I first walked through the doors of the Farm Gym, I made the first step to changing that when I did and have met some amazing people in the process. The amount of support that is given by everyone when you walk through the doors everyday is amazing, everyone is in there for the same reason to make themselves stronger more confident and capable human beings.

Luke and Acacia have built a gym, and a community has been built around it. When I first walked in the doors of the Farm Gym the only option for training was Strength and Conditioning which combined indoor workouts with weights, full body mobility movements and cardio, there was a small community garden which had some produce which you could harvest for a meal, if you wanted to add something to your meal that was freshly grown and harvested. After a while they added in a different form of training, which has been named Outdoor Training, which is fully outdoors around a 40 acre farm which I really enjoy doing, I think I have only missed 5 or 6 sessions, coached by Alicia Ings. Yoga has also become apart of training at the Farm Gym under Nichola Spain, which I have enjoyed learning how my body grows through movement. The garden has grown from a small patch to a community built and maintained larger garden under the guidance and care of Nena, which is still growing. At the start of the school term 1 for 2019 Luke and Acacia have commenced a Youth Outdoor Training programme for children aged 7-12, which is being coached by Alicia assisted by myself under the guidance from Luke and Acacia.

Throughout my growth at the Farm Gym, I have been helping the maintenance of the farm with the mowing and trimming of what has been needed. Including the building of the kids area which will be finished this month.

What can I say about Luke and Acacia, apart from they are amazing human beings who want nothing but the best for this world and for their daughter Cleo. They have helped many people in their growth as humans and have built a way of living which will continue to grow and be more.

When I first started my journey I was unfit and unhealthy weighed in at 96kg struggled at first with a lot of things in the gym, as the months went by I started training more and more I was training up to 11 times a week, which helped me become fitter, stronger and faster then I have ever been both mentally and physically, there is only so far you can push your body without proper recovery before it has had enough and let’s you know which is were I am at now, it is a part of learning which is what growth is all about. By learning this for myself I will have the skills and knowledge to help others. Nutrition is a massive part of changing your body and mind, for me that has never been bad but not great, improving in certain aspects has helped me make the changes I have made.

The best advice I can give, is if your thinking of doing something, give it a go you won’t know unless you try wether you will enjoy it or not, if you don’t enjoy it well at least you can say you gave it a go and learnt something about yourself in the process.


Tina White - DULONG

Luke and Acacia Harvison are the most inspirational, zest for life Personal Trainers that instill the very essence of themselves into The Farm Gym. This very point of difference, along with the no judgement, complete diversity and acceptance which is what makes the Farm Gym so special and unique.

I began my epic journey seventeen months ago at The Farm Gym. In that time, I have grown in more ways than just getting fit and healthy. Luke and Acacia have taught me how to become strong in mind, body and spirit. Because of these two-amazing people I have not only reversed my risk of obesity related diseases, I have regained quality of life, energy to run and play with my son as he grows and re-ignited vitality in my marriage. My journey is not over, I have a thirst to find what else I can achieve, to be better, to try harder. The Farm Gym experience is a holistic community focused, safe place of equality, fun and enjoyment.

Kate Macdonald - kureelpa


I sent a message to The Farm Gym having spent 12 years trying to lose weight and regain my health and fitness after having children. I’d tried so many different gyms, eating programs and dieting fads. Looking back, I was super nervous and embarrassed about doing something so ‘drastic’ rather than just joining a gym where I could hide in the back on the treadmill. I had plenty of fearful thoughts wondering how I would do things I found difficult in front of people I didn’t know. I’m not sure what made me follow through with the appointment to come and visit the gym – I just knew it was time. I felt so welcomed, safe and respected on that first visit. Luke and Acacia certainly didn’t claim that the journey would be easy, and it hasn’t been. BUT they told me they knew I could do it. And they made me believe that was true, despite all my fears, from that very first day.

I’ve been going to the gym 3 - 4 days a week for 10 months now. I get up at 5am in the morning to exercise and I love it, even though sometimes it's still not easy. I’ve been able to drop 3 dress sizes and still going. I promise you, those three things are things I thought I’d never achieve in a million years. As proud as I am of those physical results, they are secondary to the mental and emotional strength I have gained because of The Farm Gym. It is a 360degree, whole person experience. Every aspect of life is nourished and developed here. Our children are welcomed and cared for by incredible people. We plant and grow food in the beautiful surroundings and work hard together. I feel supported and encouraged at all times by our coaches and every single Farmily member. We laugh, cry, sweat and share our thoughts and ideas. I am part of a truly enriching, holistic community that treats each member with kindness, respect, and integrity.

Luke and Acacia have created a highly positive environment where everyone feels inspired to hold themselves to a high standard – a personal high standard, which is fluid and developing all the time. They are motivated, forward thinking leaders who lead from the front – they rarely just say ‘Go’ but more often ‘Let’s Go!’. They are skilled and professional in their field, but down to earth and personal at the same time. I could not ask for better coaches, and I love working with them both for the diverse skills they share. I can honestly say The Farm Gym has affected great change in me, and this has flowed into so many other areas of my life in such a positive way. I’ll always be grateful for the day I first walked into the gym and all that I’ve learned and will keep on learning there. 


Michelle Price - dedicated to her training and growth.

Michelle Price - dedicated to her training and growth.

I had a goal. I had a dream. I wanted to join the Australian Defence Force. Now was the perfect time in my life to follow my dream and passion and set about what I needed to do.

I walked through the doors of The Farm Gym over 14 months ago and the journey I have undertaken in this time has been not only achieving my dream but of also discovering my potential, my strengths, my weaknesses, my self belief.

Upon meeting trainers/owners Luke and Acacia Harvison I was immediately blown away with their kindness, professionalism, genuinity and overall awesomeness! I knew I had met some very incredible and special people. I knew through their guidance, encouragement and training programs they taught I was going to be successful in achieving my dream. The Farm Gym is a community where people connect on all levels with one major commonality.." Being the best version of themselves". Everyone supports each other. There is always laughter, sweat and tears. Not only do you undertake physical training indoors and outdoors at the Farm Gym but you learn how to have a good mindset.

The Farm Gym values, Integrity, Honesty, Passion, Humility are a continued reminder to always try your best and put in 100 percent no matter how hard it feels at times. I am proud to belong to such an inspiring group of people and privileged to be trained by experts in their field Luke and Acacia. I have achieved so much more and learnt so much more about myself than I could of ever imagined. The Farm Gym is truly a phenomenal training facility where you do achieve your potential and you do become the best version of yourself. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this amazing community and would encourage anyone to walk through those doors and feel the greatness of what is known as the Farm Gym.

To train with intent and purpose is the only way” - Michelle Price


I’m not going to lie, I procrastinated for ages before signing up. How could I justify the weekly membership cost?  Was I going to be fit enough?  Would I have enough time and energy to juggle work AND family AND gym?  Is the garden actually going to produce food?  Should I just go to a gym or get fit myself?  The list went on and on really, but I took the plunge and I’m happy to tell you all that it’s been worth every cent, every bead of sweat, every early morning wake ups and so much more!

Tanya, Training Hang Power Cleans.

Tanya, Training Hang Power Cleans.

I came to the farm gym with a few niggles and injuries. In fact because of these, I was in constant pain, struggling to get through the day and was about to invest in orthotics. Of course this affected my mental state. My energy levels were at an all time low and my ability to parent and work was severely affected. Life was hard.   Move forward a year - those ailments don’t even exist! Instead of wondering how I was going to get through the day - I’ve now got energy to burn and I’m really excited for the future! All made possible by The Farm Gym, under the guidance of coaches Luke and Acacia who are professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

 About 10 years ago I trained in a CrossFit box for a few years, so I had experience with lifting weights and high intensity workouts. Now I’m hitting bigger numbers, while training less intensely and I’m older - go figure!

 There’s a lot to love about this beautiful farm and the people here.  I try and always schedule in a weekly yoga session or two with resident yoga teacher Nicola, (her classes compliment what we are doing in the gym so well, and how  cool is it that it’s included in the membership!) and every week we pick herbs,other greens and veges from the garden that help negate some of the costs of the weekly food bill.  There’s been some fabulous seminars and workshops on throughout the year, which have given me some invaluable knowledge. Not forgetting the Farm Gym Pantry, through connecting with other farm members and local businesses, we’ve got organic cold pressed olive oil, honey and sourdough on tap.  Bootcamp with Alicia is a blast and something that I love doing with my son. He especially loves the obstacle course (sooo Ninja Warrior).  How incredible is it that we have a world first class facility right here in Nambour?!

 Coming to The Farm Gym has been an investment in myself.  I’ve saved thousands in medical treatments and lost productivity. It’s hard to put into words on how much I have changed and how much I have gained.  I cannot thank Luke and Acacia enough for sharing their vision on what a gym should be like and making it happen.  It’s a 5 / 5 star experience from me, I can’t recommend this place enough and urge anyone thinking about joining to stop procrastinating and come and experience it for yourself.  Having a capped membership shows how dedicated Luke and Acacia are to delivering the best possible Farm Gym experience - but it also means you’ll have to secure a spot ASAP to be part of the Farmily!

Bring on 2019, time to achieve more than I thought possible!

Claire Margin has shared The Farm Gym's Vision from the very beginning and continues to support and inspire so many other individuals to become their best. Very proud of you Claire. Love us

Claire Margin has shared The Farm Gym's Vision from the very beginning and continues to support and inspire so many other individuals to become their best. Very proud of you Claire. Love us


This is the post I have waited a year to publish. You see, on the 8th May 2017, exactly one year ago today, I made the decision to turn my life around. At 124kgs, I was tired of being overweight, depressed and constantly in pain. My body was falling apart to the point where I could barely pick something up off the floor or walk up a set of stairs without feeling like I was going to die. Today marks one year to the day where I bravely walked through the doors of the Farm Gym. A gym where I was welcomed with open arms and guided through a life changing journey by the most beautiful couple who are truly dedicated to the health and wellness of the community around them. At the halfway point, I had a photo taken with a 25kg med ball on my shoulder symbolising how much weight I had lost. Whilst I am not training there at the moment, the Farm Gym will always be my family and I am always welcomed with those same opened arms. Today I returned to have a photo taken with the 50kg med ball. A solid goal of mine from the beginning. One I felt like I’d never get too. But I have. Picking that ball up today bought forward so many emotions. I couldn’t believe I carried that weight around every day. What an incredible year it has been. Honestly all it takes it making that decision to start. That’s the hardest part. After that, it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and keeping the momentum going. The sky really is the limit 🙌🏻 Thank you @thefarmgymsch for being the amazing people you are. Having a photo with that ball today was truly something special

Lacey Burns - Nambour

"The Farm Gym is more than just your regular gym, it’s like no place you have ever trained at before. Imagine doing deadlifts while you watch the sunrise, sprinting through the orchards carrying logs while the cows look at you strangely, juggling whilst running up and down hills and doing handstands like when you were a kid. It’s also a community, it really is this close-knit family that cheers each other on and never lets anyone finish on their own. There is no judgement, only encouragement. 

I have three kids, so when I go to The Farm Gym it’s my time just for me. I do it for my health and fitness and also for my mind. I love that you never know what to expect when you walk through those doors, no one session is ever the same. 

Luke & Acacia like to think outside the box and push you past your limits. You will learn not only correct technique, flexibility and how to move your body. But also about nutrition and wellness, then after your session you can pick some fresh organic produce to take home and enjoy from the members gardens."

Each of us come from different places but we all share the same goal and that is to get over the finish line together.
Mother and Daughter picking Fresh Organic Greens for lunch.

Mother and Daughter picking Fresh Organic Greens for lunch.

Lacey Nailing the deadlifts, look at those arms.

Lacey Nailing the deadlifts, look at those arms.

Lacey and Kate having a blast on the Rowers.

Lacey and Kate having a blast on the Rowers.

Helen Denten-Mapleton

As a mum of 3 young kids my journey with The Farm Gym began with a lot of hesitation and self doubt. I had never been to a gym before, I wasn’t too sure what to expect or how I would make it work with kids. All my negative thoughts were squashed in my first week at The Farm Gym. Anyone can fit in at this place. Luke and Acacia’s passion is unmistakable and they have created an environment that exudes with support, enjoyment and camaraderie. Each of us come from different places but we all share the same goal and that is to get over the finish line together knowing that we gave it our all with true integrity and determination.

Every session at the gym is different, I love that we train outdoors also, I love that we always have a laugh along the way, I love that my kids can be watched and also watch on as I train, and I really love that we can go to the garden together afterwards and pick fruit and veggies. Aside from my physical progression with The Farm Gym I have come to develop a mental strength and confidence that I didn’t expect. Best of all, the physicality and mobility that I have gained from my training at the gym has transitioned across to my everyday life. My children have even started mimicking exercises that we do and that is a real win; living a healthy lifestyle and teaching our future generation at the same time. So thank you Luke and Acacia. This has been an unexpected journey but I can passionately say that I love going to the gym!